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Q:  Why are the cars so cheap?
A:  Every day thousands of Americans are defaulting on their new or almost new cars car loans and lease payments. Banks and other financial institutions are being forced to repossess more cars than they can store. Automobile storage is a very costly expense, and banks want to get these cars liquidated quickly so that they don’t lose any more money. In fact, car dealers purchase these cars and sell them for a huge profit. You’re effectively cutting out the middle man. You can get access to direct sources where the cars are being sold at prices that look unbelievable to the average car buyer.
Q:  Can I really purchase a car from $100?
A:  Yes, there are cars to purchase from $100 and they are not junk vehicles. You have the option to inspect them before you purchase them. Many cars at the auctions are almost new with low miles. As an example, if the government seizes a vehicle from an illegal activity, you will have the option to purchase it for pennies on the dollar.
Q: So why wouldn't everyone buy a car this way?
A:  In this case, what you don't know can hurt you, or at least cost you money. This is a very protected source of revenue for the majority of car dealerships and is not advertised to the general public. The simple fact is that many people don't have any idea that they can purchase cars this way so they lose money by paying highly-inflated prices to car dealerships. Lots of consumers think these auctions are only available to licensed dealers because they're not advertised. Car dealerships obviously aren't going to tell you about it, but we get our members access to the direct sources where they can literally find a vehicle for penny's on the dollar.
Q: Are there online auctions that sell seized Cars?
A:  Absolutely! The internet has changed the way auto auctions are done, increasing the ease of access for the public. There are a number of seized auto auctions being conducted online and you can save money right from your own home. We give you access to all of those sources!
Q: How complicated bidding at auctions?
A: They're not! They 're actually a lot of fun! Just arrive at the auction early so you can get a look at the cars that will be up for sale that day. Most bids start at $100. If there are not many bidders at the auction on a given day, you can get your car for a ridiculous price! With our extensive database you won't have any problem finding these kinds of deals.
Q: Are warranties available for auction cars?
A:  Generally, auction centers and websites offer a 90-day warranty at no cost to you. If you would prefer an extended warranty, you'll need to pay a small fee more depending on where you were getting the car from. However, many of the cars may even be covered by the original manufacturer's warranty.
Q: Is there a way to check the VIN of a cars?
A Yes! Many auctions offer a free CarFax VIN report before you start bidding. If you're bidding online or if you're at a local auction and your laptop has wireless access, you can even check the VIN through CARFAX and pull the vehicle history report yourself.
Q: Are there any hidden fees to worry about?
A:  No. You will be responsible for standard fees like your title, registration, license, tax, etc. You will not be required to pay a luxury tax and you will not be required to pay any dealer-added fees like you would at a dealership.
Q: Are these vehicles damaged?
A: No these are not salvaged vehicles. You can inspect these these vehicles before you purchase them.
Q: Is there financing available?
A: Yes most of our auctions have financing. We also provided you with a list of finance companies that will finance you regardless of your credit.
Q: Where are these auctions located?
A: We have locations in just about every city throughout the United States.

About Seized Vehicles:
Thousands of Seized cars and Trucks become government & bank property every day through various seizure and surplus laws. The constant exchange of vehicles and the enormous expense to store them, prices for you as much as up to 95% off retail value.



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