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      How The Auto Auctions Work 

Local Auctions


To participate in a local auction, you will need to pre-register. This is easily done with our website since all of the information you need is in our database.

Management will explain local auction rules and procedures and will introduce you to the auction staff, and provide you with instructions to bid.

Vehicle Check-In
Each vehicle registered to be sold at an auction is assigned an auction number and a location within the auction yard.

Honest Representation
When you find a car that you’re interested in, the rules and regulations governing auctions require that you are given an honest representation of the condition of the vehicle. You must be given accurate mileage and the title status of each vehicle. Rules and regulations demand that auctions honestly represent the condition, mileage, and title status of each vehicle.

Make sure that you inspect the vehicle prior to placing a bid and make sure you set your payment limit before the bidding starts or you might get caught up in the excitement of a bidding war and may wind up spending more money than you should have.

If you are the high bidder, go to the transaction clerk and settle the transaction in a prompt and efficient manner. You can usually use cash, credit, and/or check to pay for your vehicle. The auction company will guarantee you clean title to the vehicle you purchase.

Inspect Your Purchase
After your purchase, check out the vehicle thoroughly and drive it around the auction area. Make sure that the vehicle is in accordance with the auction guarantee and what the auction represented it as.

Paying For Your Purchase
The auction staff will assist you in paying for your purchase and will guarantee good title. You can use cash, credit, and checks to pay. Financing is almost always available as well.

Check-Out and Deliveries
Your invoice copy will enable you to drive or ship your purchase to your location. Auction managers can help you make shipping arrangements in the most economical manner.


  • Federal Government Auctions
  • State Agency Auctions
  • Local Tax Sales
  • Local Foreclosure Sales
  • University Surplus Auctions
  • Police Seized Property Auctions
  • Unclaimed Property Auctions
  • Local Sheriff's Sales
  • Bankruptcy Auctions
  • Real Estate Auctions
  • Farm Auctions
  • Vehicle, Boat, and Aircraft Auctions
  • Electronics & Computers Auctions
  • Auctions of Jewelry, Furniture,
  • Antiques
  • Machinery & Equipment Auctions
  • Auctions of Intangibles (e.g., financial instrument, patents)
  • Auctions of Horses and Animals
  • Auctions of Business & Industrial Assets
  • Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles Auctions
  • and More!!!

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